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My New Years Eve

As I sit here on my laptop I can't help but think about all of the commotion going on right now. People preparing for parties, cooking, cleaning, hoping that nothing significant goes wrong. I am thinking of all this as I sip my coffee, relaxing on the couch, on an incredible website. My night will not include going to a party and dressing up all fancy. I will have my best friend over to eat junk food and be myself with. No worries, no troubles. Just two friends enjoying the last night of 2012. Resolutions you may ask? To make as many friends as I possibly can. Try new and exciting things. Read more. Put myself out there. Run a blog (I mean...I've already got one started).  Make 2013 MY year. Message me, let me know your resolutions. Have a good night everyone and I'll talk to you next year.

Troubled Teen Blogger

I have never used a blog before but i thought, "Hey, maybe someone out there would like to know what goes through a teenager like me's mind everyday." I will use this blog to express my emotions about my troubled teenage years or just let everyone know whats happening. Bare with me because I am on a iPod right now so don't be surprised if u find any spelling errors anywhere in my entries. This entry is boring but stay tuned for more entries that will entertain you (hopefully.)

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